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04 Infiniti G35 Stutters When Driving?

I have a 2004 G35 coupe with a 5spd Automatic, Traction Control fully loaded on snow tires.

I live in Blaine, Minnesota

When driving at any speed, even higher speeds my car will stutter almost like I am quickly tapping the brakes. It doesnt happen all the time just periodically and what seems to be more often when it snows. The ground can be dry and snow can be in the air and it can happen. The only repairs I have had this winter is I had snow tires put on and my front rotors/brake pads and rear brake pads replaced.

Traction control does still work and shows slip when I hit ice or snow. Brakes seem to work fine. Car drives fine otherwise.

No check engine light comes on.

Thanks in advance for your help.