04 Honda Civic Sedan - Power Steering intermittently fails

Car is an 04 Honda Civic Sedan.
Power steering seems to work sometimes, but sometimes it’s kicks out and it’s suddenly very hard to steer. Steering wheel vibrates pretty violently when idling.

Took it in, they said the power steering pump needed to be replaced. Had them do it.

Couple days later, same thing occurs again. Took it in again, they said the power steering hoses, clamps, and rack all need needed to be replaced.
Had them do it again.

Here we are a couple days later, and it’s happening again.
I’m getting pretty impatient with these morons, particularly considering they only work on Honda’s. Anyone have any guess as to what the issue might be?

Slipping power steering belt.

That’s the same as the serpentine belt, correct?
(Sorry, I’m pretty new with auto repairs)

Yes it is, if that’s the only belt on your engine.

You appear to be dealing with “parts hangers” rather than real mechanics who know how to diagnose actual problems!

In medicine they are called “quacks”. A slipping power steering belt would be a likely cause, as suggested here.