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04 Civic Rumbling in Low Gears

I have been driving this car for a litle over 2 years and there are currently around 85k miles on it. It was driving absolutely fine until lately when it started rumbling when shifting into 1st-3rd gear. I haven’t heard these noises since I was first learning to drive it, since it sounds/feels very similar to when you start it in 1st without enough gas - right before it dies, in most cases. If I shift between gears more quickly or give it more gas than usual I don’t notice it as much, but I’m wondering if something is wrong since it’s all of a sudden behaving differently. It’s possible that it’s operator error, but I don’t think I changed my driving habits that drastically in the past month. Any help would be most appreciated!

Rumbling? Please be more descriptive in relation to the noise you’re hearing.

Where is it coming from? Can you feel it, or just hear it? If you can feel it, where do you feel it? Do you hear the noises in the first three gears, but not in 4th or 5th?

It’s unlikely to be a change in driving habits, unless you HAVE changed your driving habits. Have you?