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04 Chevy Cavalier: Two problems: related?


We have base line 2004 Cavalier coupe that has about 130K miles on it. It is currently doing two things: When the car is idling the engine begins to overheat, and the air conditioning goes awol. As soon as forward movement begins again, the tempurature goes back to acceptable levels, and the air conditioning becomes cool again.

Since these problems occur simultaneously, it leads me to think they might be related. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time,


They probably are related, open your hood and see if the radiator fan is running with the AC on. If you have two fans, both should be running.

I agree with Keith. It sounds like the radiator cooling fans are not working. The fans remove heat from both the engine and the AC system. If they are not working the engine will overheat when the car is not moving.