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03 taurus with front end grinding...please help!

i have an 03 for taurus. recently i noticed a grinding sound when breaking. my first thought was that i needed new breaks. i want to the mechanic, they did a courtesy inspection and found nothing wrong with them! the rotors are smooth with no grooves, the pads look almost brand new! the mechanic seemed baffled. when i bought the car the brakes that are on now. it’s just recently that i have noticed the grinding sound. the mechanic ruled out other possible problems such as bad bearings and shocks…etc…i need help. what could be the problem?

Did he check the rear brakes too? Sound can come from other than where it seems to be.

Have you been leaving the car in wet weather for prolonged times? Rotors rust very rapidly. I’ve had mine rust in the rain while shopping at a mall.

If a secod shop verifies that wverything is in order (hin hint: try another shop), than try doing some fast stops from moderate speeds. See if you can wipe the rotor surfaces clean.

the rear brakes are also good to go. my car is always outside, every car i’ve ever owned is always outside. i looked at the rotors and they are as shiny as my dad’s bald head, with no grooves or any sign of wear and tear. i thought about taking it to another shop to get a second opinion…i may have to do that. thanks. i’ll keep in touch!