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03 Escape: Battery light, reving, and hesitation

This is testing my sanity! The battery light on my Escape keeps coming on when I accelerate on the highway or anything above 30mpg; but after a minute the light disappears; when the battery light turns on, the escape revs a bit (while driving). What have I missed?
I had the battery and alternator tested, they were good; and I changed the fuel pump.
I had the radiator cock fall out and a hose busted; coolant everywhere, had those issues fixed and the engine was steam cleaned. Could this massive explosion of coolant have anything to do with my issue now?

My first thought would be to inspect the belt. It may be old or have enough coolant residue to cause it to slip under high demand situations.

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@Barkydog is right. The coolant that spilled onto the belt is allowing the belt to slip on the pulleys. You give it more gas and the belt slips until the pulley finally catches up to the speed of the engine.

Get a new belt and before installing it, spray down all the pulleys with a little brake cleaner to get any residue off. Then put the new belt on.



Coolant is quite slippery. And its residue tends to stick to whatever it is on when it dries out. I concur w/my esteemed colleagues above, the belt that drives the alternator is probably slipping.

Your alternator is failing, sooner or later it will fail to charge at all times.

I’m afraid I’m with Nevada. Wouldn’t be the first time a bad one tested good. Did they test it while the light was on?