'03 Bonneville SSEi and Premium Gas

Will i hurt my engine if I use regular gas with a supercharger?

Probably not. The engine management system has a knock sensor. If you use a lower octane gas, the engine management system will de-tune the engine if pre-detonation occurs. This of course will have an effect on performance and fuel mileage. But then, why would you want a supercharged engine if you can’t get the full benefit of one?


Supercharged Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual should say whether premium gas is “required” or "recommended."
Required means you can cause damage if you don’t use it. It’s not the supercharger, but rather the engine’s compression ratio that determines the fuel rating. I’m guessing it’s a requirement on that Bonney.

Also, I believe ther will be a “sticker” inside your gas cap’s fuel door with the specification.

My rule of thumb is that if a car has forced induction, premium fuel should be used.

Boosted engines typically have a lower compression ratio than non-boosted engines. But, with the supercharger, the compressed air will provide an overall higher running compression than non-boosted engines. Typically, a turbo or super-charged engine requires higher octane just for this reason. Read the owner’s manual, and look for the required octane rating. Don’t use less, or damage will result.

You will find the answer to your question in your owners manual…