how do you reset o2sensor light on 1992 daihatsu rocky se

Black electrical tape?

A friend of mine had a Daihatsu and I couldn’t read or reset anything with my reader. It was allegedly OBD1 compliant and my setup even had the right connector but it was totally ignored.
Very often cars of that vintage have a proprietary way to read and reset codes, like shorting a service connector somewhere. You can usually also reset the light by leaving the battery unplugged for a while. You may need to visit a forum that specializes on that vehicle.

Note that resetting the light will not get rid of the condition. It usually comes right back.
IOW, you may need to fix the O2 problem first.

Each manufacturer had different ways to reset the maintenance light on OBDI systems. For example, on some Mazda’s it’s required to remove the instrument cluster just to move a screw from one hole to another. And on some vehicles it requires that both battery cables be removed from the battery and then the cables are touched together.

OBDII got rid of all that confusion.


How do you reset o2sensor light on 1992 daihatsu rocky?

You don’t.

From the 1992 Mitchell Import service and repair manual;

Oxygen sensor warning light
O2 warning light will come on at 80,000 mile to indicate need for oxygen sensor replacement. Warning light cannot be reset. Bulb must be removed to disable the warning light