'02 Sentra SpecV starting problems


Been having a bit of a starting problem with my 02 SpecV Sentra lately. A few months ago I had two seperate instances of the car refusing to start after sitting over night. It turned over, but sounded too fast. Crank was turning over, it was building compression, albeit slowly, and just wouldn’t start. After having a mechanic look at it, he was a bit stumped. No diagnostic codes, plugs were fine. I eventually started the car after a lot of cranking, I mean 10 minutes worth of it. I cranked it like this because after a few minutes of troubleshooting, it wanted to start, so lots of cranking did it. The car ran fine after starting and it ony happened one other time, but once it started, it ran like a champ. Fast forward a few months.

The car now misfires after it starts for a minute. It doesn’t happen every time, but seems to be more likely after it sits for a while. Once it smooths out, it runs great. It doesn’t seem to idle very rough, maybe a little bit rougher than normal, but that may be because I am paying more attention to it. The only code it puts out now is a multiple misfire. I recently changed the plugs, it did this before and after the change, but seems to be getting more frequent. Any ideas?




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If you have the variable valve timing, it might be sticking.