02 sensor

go back and re read your codes you got from the auto parts store. they were for a CRANK shaft position sensor… NOT a CAM shaft position sensor. these are TWO different things.

the Crank position sensor lets the computer know when the crank (and all the things connected to it) are in the correct position for the timing, and ignition.

the Cam position sensor does the same thing for the Camshaft(s). the codes you posted earlier were related to the Crank position sensor, and emissions sensors.

just what article are you referring to that you feel the need to replace the PCM? why does this pertain to your car? just because someone else replaced theirs, why do you need to replace yours?

HOWS THE TIMING BELT? false codes are known to happen when it starts flappin.cam and crank codes can misrepresent themselves.according to when prob started.write the codes down ,clear codes and see what returns. step one

hi there i wrote the codes wrong

here are the correct ones



P0340 - Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P0344 - Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent

Apparently, your having a bad problem with the camshaft position sensor or the wiring. If you replaced the sensor and still have the code, then the wiring problems. Check the integrity of the wire harness from the sensor all the way to the firewall. Hopefully you’ll find an obvious problem. Or it will be difficult to trace.

BTW, I must have written it down wrong earlier. This is the correct code.

The codes P0340 and P0344 are, both, for the camshaft position sensor. The wiring between the engine computer and the camshaft position sensor, and the sensor itself, need to be tested for proper voltage and proper ohms (electrical resistance), and inspected for damage.
Yes, the mileage is high enough to warrant changing the fuel filter. I’m not certain that the fuel filter is causing a problem, yet.

I really do not think the shop bs’d me. They are reputable, meaning I’ve taken my car there before and it was recommended by a friend who is a mechanic. I just went ahead and had them change the o2 sensor, for which he charged me $20, because my owners manual says repair/replace at 100k miles, and my car is at 125k. Perhaps it was something that didn’t need to be done, but I did it anyway, for a total cost of about $80. Not too bad. And he checked the noise and explained what they were caused by and his responses made sense.