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'02 Sebring with triple coolant charge, but no AC

I have an '02 Sebring GTC Convertible, with the 6 cyl, 2.7, DOHC (they asked me all these questions at PepBoys) AirConditioner isn’t working, so I tried getting a recharge kit, and I turned the car on, AC to full, took the time to put in two baby seats, then put the gauge on the low-pressure tube, and to my surprise, it wasn’t empty, it was suppose to be somewhere around 45-50PSI, but instead was more like 145-150PSI, so 2 questions, number 1, Is this dangerous? And number 2, what kind of expense am I looking at to fix it, like $100, or like $1,000 (either way, since it’s September, and it is a convertible, I’m thinking it’ll wait now until the spring, unless there’s a reason not too.)

You either did not get the low pressure tube or you have no idea what you are doing. The low pressure side is low pressure because it is on the pump suction side. Your readings say you were not at the right place. Get a manual or good advice from someone you trust before trusting pep ‘boat payment’ boys.

Well, if that refrigerant can explodes in your hand, would that qualify as dangerous?

Get away from Pep Boys and take the car to an independent shop that specializes in automotive AC systems. They have the equipment and expertise to properly diagnose and repair your car’s AC.

IMHO, automotive AC does not fall into the DIY category.

I think that it’s more likely that the OP did measure the suction side, and that the system has a normal charge. It’s very likely that the pressure is that high because the compressor is not running. The OP needs to find out what the real problem is, instead of assuming that it needed more refrigerant. The AC clutch could be defective, or there could be some electrical failure, or maybe some internal system problem.