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02 maxima auto

Dead battery
It started once but did not want to move I stepped on the gas it revs but did not move faster than a couple miles per hour prior to that it overheated

For how long did it overheat? And did it overheat due to lack of coolant (any leaks)? Have it scanned for check engine lights to give us a better idea of what’s happening.

What does a dead battery have to do with an overheated engine and a failed transmission.

One possibility is that the overheating caused internal damage and the friction makes it appear the battery is dead, when in fact the engine will not turn easily. Maybe?

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The OP said the engine revs so that would rule out not turning easily. A bad transmission is more likely plus there’s still the matter of prior overheating, which hasn’t been diagnosed due to insufficient data. Both could be related; the overheating could have cooked the transmission, for example.