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02 jeep grand cherokee larado

I accidently put not even a gallon of washer fluid in my radiator. Will it hurt it. What do i need to do

Don’t worry about it.

Washer fluid is just water with methyl alcohol and a blue dye.

Check the coolant level after a couple of days after the methyl alcohol evaporates out of the system.


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Thanks i really really appericiate. I was a little worriez

Radiator or overflow reservoir (plastic tank)?

If reservoir, you can suck it out with a turkey baster and replace with coolant.

I agree with this approach. IMHO it’s better to be proactive than sorry. It is, after all, only a few bucks.

Besides, if it was “summer mix” washer fluid and the temperature has been dropping to -0F and staying below freezing all day as it has where I am, you wouldn’t want that creating ice crystals in your coolant reservoir. And I guarantee that washer fluid won’t lubricate the water pump as well as coolant will… you’ve basically diluted the coolant in your reservoir.

Chances of it causing a problem if left in there? Probably not high.
Chances of it causing a problem if you draw it out and refill with the proper mix? Zero.

Cost to prevent any possibility of it causing a problem? A couple of bucks. $1 at the dollar store for a turkey baster and a couple of bucks for the coolant.

Unlikely to cause any problems, but If it’s mixed with the coolant already, be sure to have your shop check that you have adequate freeze protection.