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02 grand am overheating

I can’t find the problem and I have looked everywhere. Can some one help?

Before anyone starts to participate in that exercise where they spend their time to give suggestions only for you to come back and say “yeah, I already did that” - why don’t you go ahead and enlighten people on what - exactly - you have done. Saying you “have looked everywhere” doesn’t say a thing.

You also need to say something about the overheating episodes. It overheats when? Under what conditions? What things are telling you about the overheating? (gauge, steam, etc.?) How long has this been going on?

It wouldn’t hurt to give a run down of the history of cooling system service either.

Oh well, if you have looked everywhere, I guess there is nothing more to be done.

It would also be nice to know whether it’s a four cylinder or a V6.