01 Prius LCD screen, radio & clock die when put into gear

Last week, I started my Prius as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. I put my foot on the brake pedal. No problem. I pushed the button on top of the gear shift to put the car into gear and the radio, clock & LCD screen all shut down. After about two minutes, the clock came on again. About ten minutes later, so did the radio & Lcd screen. This went on for a few days, but now the clock comes on after two minutes, but the screen & radio do not come on at all (altho’ they briefly flickered on and off this afternoon). Everything will work fine if you shut the car off and restart it, but as soon as you push the gear shift button, everything shuts down again. Also, if I return the car to park after putting it into gear (without turning it off), everything will work properly again. There is no other noticeable loss of function or power to the vehicle. One other tidbit, it appears the clock has not lost any time during this dilemma. My wife said she had been experiencing the same problem. She thinks it started around the time she tried to charge her laptop from the “cigarette lighter” with a power converter. Does anybody have an incite into this situation and what can be done? Thanks all for your help.