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01 Chevy Malibu

My car is making a clanking noice… most noticable when driving slow… Does anyone know what that might be??

Sorry… I guess I should be a little more specific… It has about 102k miles on it… It really has not changed the performance of the car… The noise is just really loud when slowing down or accelerating.

Any recent work (espically tires,brakes) to be suspicious of? Have you had a wheels off brake inspection recently?

I have actually had both done with in the past two months… I had some major brake work done in April… I’m talking Calipers, wheel cylinders, and rotors… And i had my front tires changed a few weeks ago. I haven’t had a wheel off brake inspection though

Because of the recent work I feel justified in saying that the areas involved in that recent work could be the cause/source of your noise. Go back to the brake work garage and ask for someone(manager?)to go on a test drive. If nothing can be heard ask if they can put the car up and give it an inspection.