01 Aurora 4.0 L Idling Issues, Also Stalls

Hey, I hope you can help me and I appeciate any help from you that can rectify my issue…I have a 2001 Aurora 4.0 L …I have an issue that comes and goes every 2 or the days and alternates…Some days the car seems to be idling high while in Drive and I have to press the brake a little harder than normal whenever I come to a stop light as the car feels as though it is wanting to push thru the intersection. When this is occuring the car idles at aprox 1300-1400 rpm…At this point if I put the car in neutral the rpm’s rise another 200-300 rpm’s while in neutral. Sometimes this continues for awhile but subsides if I just keep driving and other times it will do it all day and then NOT the next. The other thing the car will do is somedays the car will idle on its own at aprox. 500 rpm only and stalls at every Stop light and stop sign…When its doing this I have to put the car in neutral and coast to a stop while keeping my right foot on the gas just to keep it idling at around 750 rpm and then proceed by putting the car in drive and proceeding thru the intersection once the light changes to green… Once again any help would be much appreciated…Thanx…

I would start by pulling and cleaning the idle air control valve (IAC) - normally simple & easy to do with some intake or carb cleaner. Have a new gasket handy.

Yes, IAC is the easiest place to start. It sounds as though the idle control system is failing. That could be the IAC, it could also be some upstream sensor, relay or control unit.