01' 2.0 liter turbo VW Beetle

We bought this car yesterday with 73,430 miles on it. We did a carfax that came back clean being we bought it from a small used car dealer that pretty much gives the “tailight” guarantee. Well 10 miles into our 40 mile trip home the engine overheat light and alarm goes off. Upon arrival at home and a coolant level check, it was low and dirty. Not having the same coolant the topped off with distilled water and took it to have the system flushed and new fluid put in. We were told that the warning may come back on until the system reset itself. I did come back on never went off and shrtly before arriving home the oil light went off too. A hose is totally melted. I’m hoping once the hose is replaced, we have it and possibly the thermostat done as well, also have that that we are not looking at a larger problem such as a blown head gasket.


And you question is . . . . . ??? Rocketman

The question was the oddsa of it being a thermostat or a blown head gasket?

Well, now you know what Carfax is worth. I have to assume you didn’t check the coolant level or oil level before you bought the car. Two mistakes.

This being a turbo, there’s no telling what might be wrong. What hose is totally melted? You need to have a mechanic inspect this car’s engine. If the oil pressure warning light is on you should NOT drive the car. Don’t even start it. Have it towed to a mechanic (you do have a mechanic, don’t you?) and let him or her check the engine.

How’s your luck, in general?


Has the timing belt been replaced? You don’t know, do you? It’s due for replacement now. An acquaintance of mine has a similar car. Her timing belt broke. She had to have her engine completely rebuilt. Big bucks and car out of service for a long time.

Good luck.

Actually I did check the oil but not the coolant. I believe it’s the crank case breather hose that is melted. I am not driving the car and it is being towed to the shop in the morning. Lately not good!!LOL Obviously…


The timing belt has not been replaced. I will have the shop check that also.