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00 chevy impala

I have a 00 impala w 4t65e tranny I believe i have a p1811 code of hard and long shifting. I also need both cv axles relaced. If i replace the axles and have thean dropped. Is it possible with the pcs going out, i would be able to drive 600 miles bothway to a family thing without getting stranded.

Anything is possible.

I needed a realistic answer.I am leaving on a trip and just need to know if i can drive it before paying for a replacement tranny and cv axles or leave it at the shop and rent a car.Is that so hard to understand.

First, the P1811/hard shift may or may not be a PCS issue. There is a fairly large list of reasons that code will get set. The association of this code with a bad PCS came from a GM TSB that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Is 1811 the only code?

Presumably this is something that only happens sometimes - maybe especially in warmer weather & stop & go traffic? And if you turn the car off and back on it will often go back to normal?

How many miles are on this car and what is the service history of the transmission (mileage and method of service)?

The hard shifting feels bad but in the short term its normally not a large problem as long as you’re easy on the throttle. If you hammer it too much the hard shifts can break hard parts (e.g. output shaft). Otherwise it mostly minimizes clutch wear - which is more or less what the computer is trying to do when it maxes out the line pressure.

Anyway, if it were me, I’d probably have a transmission shop replace the axles, service the transmission, and install an auxiliary cooler (those can help a lot) - unless you’re not keeping the car. In that case I’d do only the minimum. Why do say the axles have to be replaced?