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Tires...wearing on both sides?

My back tires are wearing on the in and outsides. They have 700 miles on them and are at 37 psi. Question is, will over-inflated tires cause wear on in and outsides?? Just had another alignment so I'm not sure which is causing it. Thanks.


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    Normally, the type of wear pattern that you describe is characteristic of under-inflated tires, but since you are running 37 psi in them, it doesn't sound like they are underinflated. Then again, what is the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation regarding inflation pressure?

    You have not told us the type of vehicle this is, and whether it has independent rear suspension or a solid rear axle, so please post back with that information.

    In the absence of other information, it sounds like your tires are underinflated, so I am going to advance the possibility that your tire gauge is not accurate.

    Also--I have never heard of anyone being able to detect tire wear after just 700 miles. Is it possible that you meant to indicate 7,000 miles?

    We really need more information from you.
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    37 PSI sounds like a lot of air pressure. What does your owner's manual and the sticker on the driver's door pillar recommend for tire pressure? What kind of vehicle is it? Do you take corners fast? How many miles do you have on your current set of shock absorbers or struts?
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    Also check your tire gauge...It is possible your tires are under inflated.
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    I agree, wear on the edges is typical of under-inflation. Over inflation normally causes more wear in the center. I usually run mine a little higher than recommended, and have noticed the center wears a tad quicker than the edges.
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    I couldn't have said it better myself. Oh, wait, I did!
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    While I agree with the other posts, wear on the edges can also be a sign of overly enthusiastic cornering, especially if you have independent rear suspension. Provide the year, make , and model AND your driving style. Doing any "doughnuts" lately? Tearing around corners with your pedal to the metal?
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    Normally, I'd say tire wear on the inside and outside edges indicates under-inflation, but at 37 PSI, that's not the problem. Who's gauge are we using to measure the tire pressure?

    How can you assess tire wear at 700 miles? You haven't told us what car you drive. If you drive a Porsche with high-performance tires that only last 3,000 or 4,000 miles, OK. Otherwise, how can you measure wear after only 700 miles?

    We need to know what kind of car you drive. Please enlighten us.
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    Under-inflated or vehicle over-loaded.
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    This is that chronically plagued Nissan Frontier. Could you clarify exactly how the tires are wearing?
    In your previous posts you said they were wearing on the outside edges only. Are you saying that now they're wearing on both the inner and outer edges of EACH rear tire?

    If so, that is caused by underinflation. The tires are now at 37 PSI so does this mean the alignment tech overinflated them a bit to even out the tire wear or did you inflate them?
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    37 psi, rear tires wear on the inside and outside edges, 700 miles. I thought you guys are talking about a forklift truck.
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