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Cures For Interstate Ennui

Ah, Memorial Day Weekend. . . the unofficial start of summer. Heading to the beach? Driving to see family? Driving to avoid family? Yeah, you and 313 million of your fellow Americans.

Flickr photo by buzrael

That means traffic--and lots of it! We've heard a lot of great ideas over the years for staying sane (and even having fun) while stuck in traffic, from classics like the license plate game, to more creative ideas like packing a whiteboard to write notes to other drivers.

Whether you're trying to preempt the "Are-we-there-yet?!" back seat chorus, or just trying to keep yourself from throwing a temper tantrum that would give Mel Gibson a run for his money, we want to know...

How are you going to pass the time while you're stuck in traffic this weekend?

Share your suggestions, and your stories of what's worked for you, right here.

Yours in staying sane in clogged holiday traffic,

Tom and Ray


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