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Volvo vvt setup

Help Had to take apart wife's 2000 c-70. 2.4 motor for a head gasket. Can't find any info on setting the vvt correctly Can some one tell me how??


  • @Delmo13 I suggest you buy a 3-day web-based subscription

    You will have full access to Volvo factory repair procedures.
  • If I'm not mistaken you are also going to need some special tools to properly install the camshafts.
  • edited March 2013
    I made myself a tool for setting the cams on a 2 .4 Volvo Turbo.....was a simple device made from Steel. Im not sure you need to make any special concessions to the VVT however... I believe you would just set the cams as usual and move forward... The VVT should be set to its "home" or zero position while the engine is not running... VVT only comes into play while running at certain RPMs The cam with the adjustable timing sprocket will basically act like a normal solid non-adjustable cam while the vvt is not in use or engaged....should just be a normal cam while the engine is off....but you can double check my theory on the net somewhere. IMHO it wouldnt make sense any other way from a mechanical standpoint. I bet you just set the cams as thought vvt didnt exist.... once it is set up and timed correctly....the vvt will work its magic while running.

    I found and used this excellent link to do the job....but it does not address any vvt you will need to read into that but like I said....I bet you just do the job as tho no vvt existed and once the engine is timed properly...the vvt will take care of itself. Here is the link

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