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Fan Speed Resistor Location - 2010 Ford Escape, please?

2010 Ford Escape Fan Speed Resistor Location, please?

I've seen videos for 2001-2004 and 2008. They do not apply to 2010. The resistor board location has moved since 2008.

It used to be just inboard of the cabin fan motor. They were so close that If you wanted to pull the motor, you needed to unplug the wire harness from the resistor board as well as the motor.

Where is the cabin fan resistor card located for the '10 Escape, pray tell?


  • Top of plenum chamber near blower motor.
  • Thanks!

    Sounds like it's a hard location to get to. What's the easiest route, please?

  • Remove glove box, see what you can see....
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    This is the card (note the two 5/16 hex head screws), Motorcraft "YH-23 8G1Z-19A706-A Resistor". $35.14 plus tax at the stealer.


    This picture shows the card in place with wiring harness connected. I put a white sheet of paper behind it for contrast and wrapped the connector in blue tape for reference.

    640 x 480 - 13K
    640 x 480 - 15K
  • Thanks to Caddyman and Ken Green. Quick responses, and good information!
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    A curse upon the engineer who didn't understand real-life printed circuit card manufacturing and who didn't do the power dissipation calculations correctly. In my aerospace days, I learned there is no substitute for walking the factory floor and visiting suppliers to learn how things are in real life.

    I'll also bet that it would be cheaper to remove the PC Card, the 2 connectors, 3 wires in the harness, and upgrade the switch to a oscillator. The result would be a variable speed fan. (A similar switch is already used other places, e.g. instrument panel lights.)

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