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1999 Ford Mustang V6 Starting Problem

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

My 1999 3.8L V6 Mustang has recently completely stopped starting. It had some difficulty starting for about a month and now it no longer will start at all. The engine turns over fine (the starter sounds great); I had the anti-theft system checked and the keys are set to the vehicle; I took the car to the dealer and they told me that it was the ignition coil pack - I replaced the coil pack - the vehicle started once (I drove it down the block and back and shut it off - and it would not start again). The vehicle sounded fine when it ran )during the month that it had trouble starting, and when the vehicle started after I replaced the ignition coil the vehicle seemed to run fine. The dealer told me that the gas pressure checked out.

I initially checked and changed the battery and cleaned the cables that connect to the terminals!

Because it runs fine when it finally does start makes me believe it is not a gas/air problem OR a spark plug/cable/coil problem. I just don't know what else to do...



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