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The CTC and the new

Dear Car Talk Community friends,

Thanks for bearing with us during the launch of the new Car Talk site.

You now have the opportunity to unify your community account with the rest of the Car Talk web site. This "Single-Sign On" feature allows for one account throughout the Car Talk site, whether you're posting comments here, commenting on a blog by Tom and Ray, or reviewing a recent show.

When you log in to the Community you will have the opportunity to link your account with the rest of the Car Talk web site. Please log in using the gray "sign in" box and follow the instructions to link your account.

Over the coming week, we'll be addressing a number of issues that will help make for a smoother experience.

Thanks for your patience as we tune up the new engine, transmission and suspension that are now running a brand new, 2012 edition


Doug, Senior Web Lackey

Carolyn, Community Czarina


  • Czarina? Is this a communist conspiracy? Was Rush reight again.
  • Do I need to log out and then log back in? So far, you remember me from before the change.
  • Comrade Knox, I swear, there is no conspiracy. keith, no need -- you're OK. If you do log out and log in again, you should not have any problems.
  • "Comrade Knox, I swear, there is no conspiracy."

    Czarina, use it to your royal advantage. Blame all the site's ills on those Bolshevik swine.
  • edited November 2011
    I have no idea what's going on, but I'm using IE to be on here. Every attempt to use FF to login causes me to be logged out everytime I visit the forum.

    I sign in, it sends me to "Account info" where I can edit my profile, but when I click the community link, or visit from the favorited direct link to the forum, it logs me out. It recognizes me, even giving me the option to log out. I never hit the logout option, just click the "Community" link, and it automatically logs me out. I've tried both the sign in at the top in the red and the singin link on the forums, it will NOT let me stay logged in.

    First I lose the ability to login via my original account, now I can't even access the forums with either account without using IE
  • You get what you pay for..
  • edited November 2011
    I had the same frustrating experience with FF as bscar2, but after several tries it seems to be working in FF
  • i'm STILL having the problem
  • Hi bscar2 (and everybody else), there have been changes made that are supposed to be implemented tonight to rectify some of the issues we've been having. Please keep us posted on the progress.
  • edited November 2011
    upgraded, tried logging in, and was able to stay logged in for a bit. But, when I click the community link(forum link?) it just sends me to my "account information" setup and I can't advance from there. I even use my bookmarked forum page in my browser, but it signs me out when I do; even going to the cartalk homepage and clicking a forum link there signs me out.

    @cdaquila: Have you considered breaking into the office where they make this forum's software and replacing their retarded monkies with rabid baboons? Or, at the very least, breaking some fingers? Things might work better.
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