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Overfilling the oil in the car

My son went an had his car oil changed and they over filled it and never even changed the oil filter on it..what in your best answer in the worst sceniro would happen to the car


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    How much was it overfilled? We can't help you without knowing that.

    I assume this was a quick-lube place. There are lots of horror stories here about them, so many of us stay away from them.
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    Drain the oil, remove the oil filter. Reinstall the drain plug and a new oil filter. Add oil to the proper level, start the engine, and cross your fingers.

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    well I dont know now exactly because the engine stalled on the way home so I went to look at it and told him to try starting it up and when he did the engine was taping so loud and when I went to check the oil it was 1 qt plus and dirty from not changing the oil filter... Now Im pretty sure that the rod bearings are in the bottom and they are wanting to argue with him over this ...............
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    Too late now. Im pretty sure that after he got the engine oil change he took it out of town the next day and it stalled and got a vapor lock and then when it did start it was clanging so loud that Im sure that rod bearings are damage and whatever else... I work for caterpillar and pretty much by my experience when you overfill the oil what happens is the crankshaft turns down in the puddle causing it to create air and then the oil turns into foam and has no where to go except to blow the gaskets and then the engine will vapor lock and then it seizes up............. BLOWN ENGINE im sure of it..
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    > and then the engine will vapor lock and then it seizes up

    Not quite vapor lock. When the crank whips the oil into a foam, you lose oil pressure. An oil pump trying to push foam through the engine's oil passages doesn't have a prayer.
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    Maybe not blown, but from what you've said almost certainly expensively damaged. If they're resisting, it sounds like they might stonewall you on this - you might have to get a lawyer involved.
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    Too late now

    How do you know this?
    Have you drained the extra quart of oil out of the engine yet?

    Just because this happens on caterpillar engines doesn't mean that its going to happen on a Series II Supercharged GM engine.

    Also, make sure you inspect the PCV system to see if there is oil in there.

    Drain the extra oil out first, and see what the car sounds like.
    If the seals aren't blown, and the oil isn't leaking out like the Exxon Valdez, then that right there proves its not the same as your caterpillar experiences.

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