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Coolant replacement in a Camry?

I drive 2005 Camry. Do you really need to use coolant sold by Toyota?
<br/> Toyota sell 2 types of Coolant. Both are 1 gallon and same price. One is 100% coolant and other is already 50/50 diluted coolant.
<br/> They say according to borochure I should use 50/40 coolant. It takes about 2 gallon of coolant for flush and replace.
<br/> I was wonder if I just buy any coolant from parts shop or buy 1 gallon of 100% coolant so I will have 2 gallon by mixing it with distill water or should I stick to manual and fork out 2 gallons of 50/50 diluted coolant.
<br/> It would be insane to think to spend like $45 -$50 just on coolant which is already diluted for my convenience?


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    You can buy coolant anywhere, as long as it meets Toyota specs, and mix it with an equal amount of distilled water.

    Interesting that they charge the same price for both.
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    thanks and thats is the problem.

    I read specification about their coolant and free of which elements and I can't find any in a store. Store clerk was kind of smiling and saying if you want exact same specification then you have to buy from toyota.

    It is interesting Toyota coolant (even 100% coolant) is almost twice as expensive than most expensive off the shelf from a auto store. Not sure if this a way to customer confused and keep buying toyota stuff or it is has some real benefit?
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    There is NOTHING special about Toyota's coolant. There are only 2-3 coolant plants in the US...And all them make coolant that works well in Toyota's. Toyota does NOT make coolant. They buy it from one of the 3 manufacturers and put their name on it.

    As for buying pure coolant or a 50/50 mixture...the 50/50 mixture fairly recent. 10 years (maybe it was 20) could only buy 100% coolant. And I've NEVER bought the 50/50 mix. Seems like a waste to me...especially since it's the same price.
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    My Toyota has "Super Long Life", and the manual says to use that or an equivalent spec, meeting theirs. The first drain is at 96 months or 80,000 miles!!!, (which won't happen as I will replace it at 40,000 miles), while subsequent changes are recommended at 48 month or 40,000 miles.

    Why the above specs mystifies me; all I can conclude is that Toyota has faith in its initial fill in a very clean engine, while subsequent changes would be in a dirtier engine and by less competent techs.

    In any case I keep a gallon of their pr-mixed stuff handy for topping up, which has not been necessary yet in 25,000 miles.
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    No doubt this will open a can of worms, but I don't like Mike's answer.

    I refer you to this:

    (All Toyotas use Toyota SLLC. You can listen to the HOAT argument or not. I've been using the pre-diluted stuff; since it's supposed to go 100,000 miles, this seems like a pretty small price to pay. Look at it this way: If my owner's manual said to use 10W-30, I'm not going to use 5W-50.)
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    Camry Manual says replace coolant 10 years or 100K miles. If go by the manual then I should wait another 4 years before doing any thing to coolant?

    Manual does NOT say any thing about transmission fluid? What to do there?
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    according to borochure I should use 50/40 coolant.

    And the other 10% is vacuum???
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    So where is Toyota's Antifreeze plant???

    Prestone makes an All-Color antifreeze. It's good for ALL manufacturers. If there was a problem with'd be seeing lawsuits all over the place. I don't know any...and I looked.
    If my owner's manual said to use 10W-30, I'm not going to use 5W-50.)

    Your owners manual also says to use Toyota Oil or equivalent. So do you use ANY oil that's equivalent...or do you pay the $7 for the Toyota oil???? Again...Toyota doesn't make oil..but they sell it with their name on it.

    Now their new ATF is different...Toyota is now using the WS oil (World Standard). Very few company's are making this (at least the last time I checked). The place that does my transmission flush uses the Toyota ATF. Cheaper and easier to find. The auto parts stores don't carry it....special item only.
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    Your oil example would be a good example if that's what the owner's manual said. Instead, it gives a minimum service-grade requirement, to which I adhere.

    I really do think the Prius post I linked to makes sense. Take it or leave it, I guess.

    I just think this is an additional $20 expense that, if the OP doesn't accept, will drive him crazy for the next 100k miles. I recently faced the same decision with my Prius, and decided it really wasn't a big enough expense to where I could tolerate the nagging feeling that I should have used the pink stuff instead. But that's just me.

    If my car said to use SM oil and I put in SJ oil instead, it would drive me bananas. But that's just me.
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    OH GOD.....You can use any HIGH QUALITY Coolant. Toyotie doesnt have anything special in their coolant systems and there is a HUGE chance that they just label another mfg as Toyota. Ethylene Glycol hasnt changed much over the years. If you read the bottle on any High Quality Coolant you will see that you can use it.

    Im wondering if you have an Aluminum Engine Block and Head in this vehicle. DOesnt matter too much as the coolant mfg's already made provisions for All Aluminum Engines. Dont sweat this issue too much. If you DO buy 100% coolant then you need to buy some distilled water....TAP WATER wont due....too many dissolved solids in will clog your Rad.
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