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Service Vehicle Soon Light

Bought a 1999 Olds Intrigue Has 2 problems The Service Vehicle Soon light on. I know its a reminder light how do you get it off The Trac Off Light is on also Has switch on console But will not switch off Driving it has not helped.


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    If the Trac light stays on it means that there is a problem in the traction control system. You have to find it. Presumably this has ABS - is the ABS light on? (the systems are linked)

    You should make sure you know which "service" light is on. There are maintenance type lights (for saying its time to change oil or whatever) and then there is the "Service Engine Soon" / "Check Engine" type of light. That one indicates a problem in one of the car's systems. In this case there would be error codes stored in the computer which many auto parts stores will retrieve for free.

    If it is an maintenance type light, you should be able to reset it my turning the key to on ('til the dash lights up but without starting the car), and flooring the gas pedal 3 times with 5 seconds.

    I hope you didn't pay much for this clunker.
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    I think GM made a big mistake when they decided to attach this verbage with what has more accuratly become know as the "check engine" light. People are constantly concluding this light means their car needs service, well it does, but not in the sense they are thinking.
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    If this "Service Engine Soon" light actually functions like a Check Engine Light, rather than as a reminder that an oil change is due, then the appearance of the two lights is interrelated.

    When the OBD system detects an issue with the engine and turns on the CEL/SES light, it will also trigger a warning light for the traction control system (TCS) and/or vehicle stablity control system (VSC), simply because both the TCS and the VSC need to reduce engine power when appropriate, in addition to possibly operating the brake on one or more wheels. If the engine is not operating 100% normally, it is difficult for the logic of the TCS/VSC to interact with the ECM--hence the TCS light.

    So--step #1 is to have the OBD system checked for trouble codes. Once you have fixed whatever has triggered the trouble codes, the TCS light should go off--either immediately or after a driving cycle or two.
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    In GM vehicles the "SES" light (service engine soon) is comparable with a 'check engine' light. It has nothing to do with an oil change.I know the OP writes "Service Vehicle Soon" but I think he got it wrong.
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    In that case, my comments above should be correct.

    OP--Drive over to Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O'Reilly, or (possibly) Napa for a free check of the stored trouble code(s) that triggered the CEL/SES light.
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    My confusion was, why were your comments connected to mine with a "reply"?
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    Got the Change oil light off using your method But service vehicle soon still on not to be confused with check engine light which isn,t on
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    Check engine is a different light on this 1999 olds This light reads service vehicle Soon
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    The check engine light is a different light on this car And it is not on.
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    Two different lights in this case Check Engine light has no codes Service vehicle Soon is a different lighr which is on all the time
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