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Prius (2001) Battery dead?

I have a 2001 Prius with 90K miles.

While driving, I got the three lights (main battery, stearing, run to dealer).

The dealer tells me the battery is toast and it will cost $4,200 to repair.

A rew questions for experts:

a) I have read that even 1st gen batteries should last longer (150 K or even 300 K). I have ready than when this occurs, the car stops - I was able to drive still. How do I know that the dealer is not just trying to sell me a new car?

b) I read about repair kits to replace the battery. Anyone used these?

c) The repari kit seems to cost $500, do you know if anyone will actually do this for me? i.e. $500 parts + labour?

d) Can I salvage the car for parts?

Anyone had similar issues in the past?

Thank you.


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