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"TPMS" Light on after new tires - Cause?

Two weeks ago I bought 4 new tires form my 2008 Honda Fit Sport, then had an alignment. A week later, the "TPMS" light - not the (!) light indicating low pressure - came on and stayed on.

The manual says to take the car to the dealer. I instead took it to the tire shop. Their tech ran a handheld device over each tire then told me that the batter was dead in 2 of my 4 sensors. The tire store will install new sensor - for $40/each. When I questioned why the battery would die right after getting new tires, the tech says that the tires are "learning" which takes more battery juice than sending the signal.

Is this BS? I'm thinking the tire shop could have damaged the sensor. Shouldn't the sensor batteries last 5-10 years?



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