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speedometer does not work on my 2002 hyundai sonata

the speedometer on my 2002 hyundai sonata does not work. the car drives smooth and the RPM and other gauges work fine.
<br/> i have driven the car over 100 miles, but the odometer reading has not change; the milage has stop at 97103. also, the speedometer hand stays at zero when driving.
<br/> can anybody tell me what the problem is?


  • edited December 2010
    To check for a bad VSS (vehicle speed sensor) see if the cruise control is working.

    The VSS is wired to interior fuse 17. Make sure it's not blown.
  • edited December 2010
    Just took a closer look at fuse 17 & it's also wired to the back up light switch.

    Start it up, put it in reverse. Are the back up lamps working??
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    how can i tell if the cruise control is working.
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    Have a mechanic check your backup lights. If they are not working he can replace interior fuse 17 & that should fix your speedometer problem.
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