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Tire "Chop" I being taken for a ride?

I just had my tires rotated after about 15k miles. (New tires...first rotation) and the guy in the garage told me my front tires where "chopped", slightly. I went out to look and he showed me what he was talking about. Now this is hard to describe without a picture, but I will try.

Looking are the top of the tires, from the side of the vehicle, it looks like the trailing edge of each tread is slight rounded, and the leading eadge is still square.

Like this:

It does not look like feathering or uneven wear. It doesn NOT look like this:

This wear is only visable on the front tires, and the "chop" is pretty symetrical...that is, it's not any worse on the right or left side of the tire...

Now, the suspicious thing is that the tires were rotated at a "Brake and Muffler" shop...and it seems awful conveniant that my tire wear was blamed on "bad" front struts, which will run me $600 according to thier "daignosis" of the "cause".

More info:

I have Bridgstone Revo 2's with 15k on them. (first tire rotation)

The vehicle they are on is a 2007 Toyota 4Runner, with 50k.

So, my question is this...what could be causing this type of wear? (Is it really bad struts?)


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