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GL4 vs GL5 gear oil

Today I changed the oil in my '06 Toyota Matrix 5-speed at 21K miles.

The owners manual calls for 75W-90 GL4 or GL5, so I used Valvoline 75W-90 GL5 oil.

It really needed changing as the oil was dark with a metallic sheen, and these trannys have had a number of early failures (60-100K mi.)

I mentioned this on a couple other forums and someone said using GL5 will mess up my transmission because of high sulfur content.

I checked back at the nearby auto parts store and they had no GL4 oils.

I could find no mention of this on Toyota or Valvoline's websites.

I google searched and found some conflicting opinions.

I'm hoping an expert like Transman will give me the straight dope.

Does GL5 supersede GL4? Should I seek out GL4 and change the oil again?


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