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how to find a garage space to rent

Hi, all.
<br/> I am not going to post my location too specifically as I do not want to run afoul of the CT site's (wise) no solicitation rule. I need to find a garage space to rent so my tree-shade mechanic BF can work on his Dart and store his tools safely. We are in (ahem) a neighborhood of Boston. I kinda want to give this to him as a surprise, so I am first trying to do this w/out his help. Craigslist, the neighborhood paper, I have found nothing. Have put out the word w/ some of his friends, w/ a local commercial garage, even w/ some musicians who occasionally hear abt rehearsal spaces that may work. No luck. Is there a classified site or paper for finding (cheap!) garages or mechanic-friendly garage space ? Any other recommendations? Electricity is a plus but not a deal breaker, so commercial or backyard garage is fair game. Thanks so much, everyone!


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    One option to consider is to rent a one car garage sized space from a public storage facility. They allow you to store cars as long as you tell them you are storing a car. The spaces are big enough to walk around the car and work on it and store tools, jacks, etc.

    Just keep in mind that volatile fluids can't be stored. The fuel in the tank is OK.

    This is what I did and it worked out great.
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    Cheap space to put a car? In the Boston area? I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but it doesn't exist. My son went to school in and then lived in Boston. Garage space costs a fortune if you can even find it. And you need to take public transportation to get to your garage. Unless, of course, you have a VERY deep wallet.

    Sorry, but Boston is beyond "maxed out".
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    Good idea, orangevega. I didn't realize those places offer garage spaces. Point taken, same mountainbike, I should have specified "cheap by Boston standards" which means "the cost of a two bedroom apartment in the most of the country, or of a long cab ride in NYC or San Francisco."
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    Are you folks perchance in school? Perhaps posting on the school bulletin boards will yield a space when a graduate with a car goes home. I know college kids are always seeking someone to take over leases when they leave.
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    Nah,wWe're townies, but we do have a few colleges nearby, lots of students in our hood. I think I may flyer the schools if I don't find something soon. Good thinking. Sadly, I've missed the end of the academic year, though.
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    Find a HOUSE to rent that comes with a detached garage. (That will be hard enough) Then sub-lease the house but you keep the garage...But, Boston?? Nah, not going to happen...
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    Are there any restrictions to renting places like this? I am looking to buy a salvage porsche, and dismantle it and sell the parts. I am concerned about the mess with oil and other fluids that could be left. I am looking around in the yellow pages for proper storage places. What specific types of rental storage places do you advise I look for?
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