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how to find a garage space to rent

Hi, all.

I am not going to post my location too specifically as I do not want to run afoul of the CT site's (wise) no solicitation rule. I need to find a garage space to rent so my tree-shade mechanic BF can work on his Dart and store his tools safely. We are in (ahem) a neighborhood of Boston. I kinda want to give this to him as a surprise, so I am first trying to do this w/out his help. Craigslist, the neighborhood paper, I have found nothing. Have put out the word w/ some of his friends, w/ a local commercial garage, even w/ some musicians who occasionally hear abt rehearsal spaces that may work. No luck. Is there a classified site or paper for finding (cheap!) garages or mechanic-friendly garage space ? Any other recommendations? Electricity is a plus but not a deal breaker, so commercial or backyard garage is fair game. Thanks so much, everyone!


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