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2006 chevrolet Equinox using oil

Daughter bought a 2006 Equinox and it spoadically uses engine oil. Sometimes it won't use any between oil changes and the next time will use a quart in 400 miles. The vehicle has about 40,000 miles on it. What could be causing this?


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    This is totally normal behavior, if you mean a quart every 4000!!!! miles, not 400. If the car was broken in perfectly, it MIGHT not need any oil betwen changes. There are cars that consume 1 quart every 4000 from the day they are new.

    In your daughter's case maybe you could tell us more about the history of the car; did she buy it used, and what maintenance has been done to date.
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    If you are having the oil changed by a "quick service" shop then check the oil before you leave the lot. A lot of these places overfill and underfill the crankcase. It's really a good idea to check the oil even if your mechanic or dealership changes the oil.
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    My daughter bought the car with 28,000 miles on it. We change the oil in our farm shop so it is done right. They checked out the car on carfax before buying it. No problems were obvious. It had probably been a lease vehicle. Appreciate all your ideas!
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    Also the check engine warning light has started coming on , even when the fluid levels are all correct. There don't appear to be any puddles from engine leakage under the vehicle.
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    The check engine light has nothing to do with fluids or fluid levels. It does, however, mean that the engine's computer holds some potentially important info for you. Take it to a national chain-type auto parts store and ask them to scan it for codes. Write the exact codes down (like P0123) and post them back here.
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