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Subaru Outback Steering issue

Some months back, the steering started to become very stiff every 1/4 of a turn on the wheel. So it would get stiff, then loosen up, then get stiff, and so on. Mechanic said it was the rack and pinion so we had it replaced. Immediately following that, the Power steering pump went out so I replaced that.

After the power steering pump was replaced, everything worked great...for the day. The next day the steering was still stiff every 1/4 turn. I took it back to the mechanic and he put another rack and pinion in, this one was New(the other was remanufactured). Upon testing the new rack and pinion out, he noticed that the stiffness was still present.

We have also replaced the Left Strut and strut mount, but not the right side(due to financial constraints). Is it likely the the front Right strut mount is causing this??? What else do I need to check in to??? My mechanic(soon to be former mechanic) has pretty much thrown in the towel.


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