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2003 Ford Windstar Heater Control Valve

I've got a 2003 Ford Windstar. When I turn the heater on I get air, but no heat. I've already changed the thermostat and heater core. Checked all of the fuses, and kicked the tires. My last guess is possibly a stuck heater control valve. Unfortunately the manual does not say where it is. Anybody know?


  • edited September 2009
    There is no heater control valve on your vehicle. The heat is controlled by a blend door in the vent system. This could be from a faulty blend door motor or the blend door might be stuck.

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    Now my next question is just where is both the blend door motor and blend door? If I can access it can I work the door loose?
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    I've gone through my Hanes manual several times now and can't find a thing about blend door motors or the blend door itself.
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