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Tires at Costco

Recently my mechanic suggested I should replace the tires in my car. However, he was against buying the tires at Costco. He said the same Michelin tire sold at Costco will be lower quality then the one bought at the other more specialized place. Is this true?


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    I suppose only Michelin and Costco know for sure, but I am 99% sure that this is not true. I have been buying Michelin tires at Costco since it was called Price Club. I have gotten up to 90k miles out of them and I have never had a tire purchased at Costco fail.

    Well, that is not quite true, I ran over a sharp piece of metal that cut a big gash in a Michelin XZX once about 15 years ago. Costco replaced it.

    One thing I noticed about Costco - a year or so ago while I was waiting for my tires, I went down the rack looking at the country of origin on every tire. Every tire in the place was made in USA or Canada. With all the complaints I have read about tires of various brands that came from 3rd world countries, the "Made in USA" on Costco tires gives me a degree of confidence.
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    I would have no concern over Michelins bought at Costco. Likely they're newer (a good thing), what with Costco's fast inventory turnover.
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    If you're looking to Costco because of their prices, many of us have found that your locally-owned independent tire dealer also has great prices (and great service). Costco is a popular place to buy tires, but don't exclude seeing what local independents have to offer.
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    Assuming we're talking about the exact same Michelin tire, no, it's not true. The only difference is the price.
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    Only a few Michelin lines, like X Radial, are unique to wholesale clubs. Others are the same exact tire as the more expensive tire dealers sell (like LTX).
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    For years I bought my tires at BJ's (just like Costco here in the North East). But the one near where I live now has Monroe Muffler/Brake and service running the tire place so I no longer buy my tires from there. Their tire prices are very difficult to beat. I found a local place who's prices are very good....although BJ's tires are a little better in price...but NOT worth the hassle dealing with Monroe Muffler.
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    Overall, BJ's is just not a class act, when compared with Costco.
    Before I terminated my BJ's membership, every time I walked past their tire shop, I couldn't help but notice that it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a few decades. If a shop can't be bothered to keep its work area clean, that also tells me something about their attention to detail with their work, as well as the pride that they take in their work. And, as Mike noted, things definitely changed for the worse when BJ's tire operation was sublet/outsourced/sold to Monro.

    In addition, when I did price comparisons on groceries and electronics, BJ's invariably came out higher-priced than Costco. The only advantage that I saw at BJ's was that they had a much larger selection of imported cheeses than Costco. However, that one advantage was not enough to retain me as a BJ's member.
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    I'd look at Costco if there was one near me. Closest one is in MA...Paying sales tax off-sets any savings there. The closest one in NH is about 25 miles away.
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    Costco also has a very good repair warranty on the tires they sell.
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    If the NAME on the Michelin tire is different at Costco than on the michelin website, then the tire really is different.

    Goodyear does it, but I don't know about Michelin's policy of building different tires to meet the price demands of the retailer. ie; Goodyear does it for Walmart. You can NOT go to a Goodyear store/shop and buy a Goodyear 'viva' tire. It truly is a different, CHEAPER built, cheaper tire, hence it's different name.

    The clue to look for at costco and all the other big retailers, whichever brand you consider, will be the NAME of the TIRE, not just the brand name.
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