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2002 PT Cruiser Manual Transmission

Why is my 5 speed manual transmission not letting me shift into reverse? Have heard no noises, rattling, slipping, etc, but today could not shift into reverse, Bought the car new, serviced it regularly, no problems until now.


  • edited August 2009
    How is your clutch? Does it engage at the top of the travel? Try to see if it will shift into reverse with the engine off. If it does then have your clutch checked out. If it doesn't then the transmission needs to be checked. The lockout may be sticking or you may have a more serious problem.
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    Try pumping the clutch pedal several times and then try shifting into reverse. If it goes into reverse after doing this, there's a problem in the clutch hydraulic system.

    The reverse gear is a straight cut gear with no syncro. So if the clutch is even slightly engaged, it won't shift into reverse.

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    look at the cable shift linkage under the hood. If they look like this then its time to replace
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