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Help! I put antifreeze in my power steering reservoir

I'd just changed my oil and was topping off my fluids, when I realized I'd just put antifreeze in my power steering reservoir. Doh!

Thankfully, I hadn't started the car, and the way the reservoir is situated, both of the tubes connected to it go uphill. So I figured the antifreeze was isolated.

I went to the store and bought a quart of power steering fluid. Then I came home and disconnected the hoses to the power steering fluid reservoir and drained the reservoir and the two hoses leading to/from it.

Then I removed the reservoir and washed it thoroughly and let it dry overnight.

I reinstalled the reservoir and filled it with fresh power steering fluid. Then I ran the car a few moments and topped it. Now it appears to be working as normal.

My questions are these:

Is it likely that I got it all?

Are antifreeze and power steering fluid like oil and water, or do they assimilate?

While I went to the store, did the antifreeze permeate my power steering system like skim milk in decaf? Or did the antifreeze just sink to the bottom of the reservoir and come out when I drained it?

Thank you


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