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car sounds like a helicopter

I have a 99 Saturn SC1, and it is making what sounds like a helicopter noise. The sound may be bad wheel bearing...not sure. It sounds like the noise is coming from the rear passenger side tire and a little from the engine (though it could just be under the car), and as I get to high way speeds the becomes louder and more frequent--as though my car might take off! I'm curious if it is in fact a wheel bearing--PLEASE HELP!


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    That "swish-swish" sound has something to do with your rear wheels. In my case it was rear wheel bearings. It could also be the rear brakes.

    To avoid further damage, take your car to agood shop, one specializing in bearings and brakes. No need to go to the dealer.
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    It can be a tire with tread separation too, or one worn so badly the steel belt is exposed and slapping the road..
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    Yes, that's possible, but I assumed OP would have stuck his head under the car to investigate first before posting the question.
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    I third the suggestion.
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