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Steering wheel still shaking after tire balance

edited November -1 in Repair and Maintenance
Hi Everyone.

I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla with just 25k miles on it. I took it in recently to the dealership for a regular oilchange/checkup and immediately after that the steering wheel was annoyingly vibrating at hwy speeds (68-75). so i brought it back to them and they just say it needs an alignment and it was shaking bc they rotated the tires.

so i decide to try using a mechanic that i found on and they were very nice and they immediately tell me i need new tires which was very true- they were pretty bad. so i buy new tires and they balance them BUT the steering wheel is still shaking. it is a bit better but it is definitely still shaking.

i am bringing it back tomorrow for them to look at but i was hoping to get some ideas/feedback before that. any help would be appreciated.

(also to add - i had a slightly bent rim which they moved to the right rear wheel and i did get that alignment after i got the new tires)


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