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2007 Chrysler Town and Country Rear Disc Brakes

I was trying to replace the pads on my 2007 Town and Country and cannot get the caliper to come off of rotor.
<br/> I removed the two bolts holding the caliper onto the brakes. The caliper is loose but will not come off of the rotor/pads.
<br/> Is there a third bolt that needs to come out or do I just need to somehow push the piston back to get it around the pads?


  • edited November 2008
    Try loosening the bleeder screw.

    Last Chryco I replaced the brakes on only had ONE bolt to remove. Then the caliper swiveled up.
  • edited November 2008
    You may have to slip a small pry bar between the caliper and caliper mounting bracket to remove the caliper from the rotors/pads.

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