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Recycled oil at Walmart, Jiffy-Lube, etc.

I got my oil changed today, and it cost me $37.25! In the course of discussion with the mechanic he mentioned that big outfits like Walmart and Jiffy-Lube do not use new oil but recycle used oil on the cheap, thus they can offer lower prices.
<br/> Question #1: Is there any truth to this?
<br/> Question #2: Is recycled oil good or bad for our cars? Should we care?


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    No truth.
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    1. There is no truth to this. WM is the 800 pound gorilla and can put intense pressure on their suppliers to cut the cost to WM. This allows them to undercut many others. JL, just like many car dealers, may buy oil in 55 gallon containers at a discount. It's all the same oil, no matter the size of the container.

    2. There is some recycled oil out there but it's usually sold in quick shops/small stores under obscure names and will state this on the bottle. The only thing it's good for is topping off a car if you're in a real pinch and there is nothing else around.

    This comment could raise some ethics concerns about your mechanic.
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    No, it's not recycled oil. $37 sounds pretty cheap for an oil change.
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    I think the guy probably got confused when he heard that they recycle their used oil. Send it to be recycled, not used to change oil with. Some of these guys are not the brightest bulbs on the string.
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    Just an FYI but did you know that the Wal Mart Automotive Dept. is not even owned by WM? It's a sub-let operation even though they all wear the WM uniforms and whatnot.

    Quaker State used to run them but that may have changed.
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    It's only $22 at my wal-mart if I use their brand oil and fram filter. taxes and enviro fees included. It's $39 with synthetic.
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    OK has covered it very well, as usual. Your mechanic is either not very bright, or not very honest. Both issues would be a concern for me.
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    I have to agree with that.
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    Your mechanic is saying that because if you buy his story you'll only go to him for your oil changes.

    Jiffy-Lube (and most of the fast lube companies) use the waste oil to heat their garages. So it's NOT being recycled.
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    The low prices of oil canges are volume-related. Big chains buying goo quality oil in drums can give you a good deal.

    Recycled oil is sold by a number of chains and packaged in quarts or gallons and specifically labeled as "recycled". Many older railroad locomotives use recycled oil as well as some other heavy industrial machinery not requiring complex additive packages.

    How good is it? If I had an older US V8 or V6, I would gladly use it, since the demand on the oil would not be severe. Years ago in college, I had a Chevy "stovebolt 6" which had an appetite for oil. I kept a case of 24 quarts in the trunk. At that time it came to $0.29 cents a quart for the recycled oil.

    In Germany, oil has to be recycled by law, and 60% actually is. So Germans use a lot of recycled oil. Their processes are probably much more severe though, to get the quality up to the latest standrds.

    Back to the mechanic, he is probably deliberately lying or not too bright, as stated. Big chains don't need to use recycled oil to give you a low cost oil change.
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