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Rear of car sounds like Helicopter?

My rear tires sound like a helicopter, not an exaust issue, the sound speeds up when I accelerate?


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    Sounds like flat spots. Did you recently lock up the rear wheels during hard braking or spin out? Either will put flats spots on the tread.
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    Is there a vibration associated with the noise? If so, there may be a tire separation.

    Let me add: If the tires are old you MAY have a tire separation in a sidewall and have a bulge in the rubber hitting something as the tire turns in the wheel well.

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    What kind of car? A 'whomp whomp whomp' sound from the rear can also be a wheel bearing. Wheel bearing sounds will change as they warm up. Tire flat spots will sound pretty much the same through the whole drive.
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    You can try rotating the tires, front-to-back, to see if the noise changes position. If so, suspect one of the tires.

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    If it is a rear drive car check rearend
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    what kind of vehicle? (he asked kindly).

    for all i know it is a helicopter (in that case its normal)
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