Will my husband save his transmission by shifting to neutral at stop lights?


I’m a little more generous. Main roads with lights tend to have speed limits of 45 mph around me. IMO, it is appropriate to continue through the light if you cannot stop safely after the light turns yellow. Certainly we should make an effort to stop, and with experience, it’s not hard to figure out when you can stop or go through the light before it turns red.


You just agreed to what I said while saying you didn’t. I agree that in driver’s ed, we’re taught to clear the intersection if we’ve already entered it on a yellow light. You’re considered to have entered when your front axle is past the stop line. Therefore, if your front axle has past the line, you’re expected to continue thru. So on what point are you disagreeing?


This point- you left out the part about possibly entering just before it turns red:

If all you have is your front axle over the line when it turns red, you shouldn’t have entered it to begin with. The light has already been yellow for some time before you got there.

Technically speaking of course because almost no one around here pays any attention to that. Around here, the yellow is a warning it’s about to turn red and red just means people will be coming from the sides soon… :slight_smile:


The late great George Carlin’s observation. Green means go. Yellow means go faster. Red means put it to the floor!


I’m seeing this so often these days. Green light now means “look both ways before going”. Too many idiot red light runners out there!