WI proposals for gas tax or tolls


I have seen lots of folks whose happiness comes from not working, or working jobs inadequate to support them, but they are always first in line for food stamps.

But, I agree, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

The other side of the viewpoint… how many people would chose to work the hard, dirty jobs if they could pay their bills sitting on the couch watching Springer?

Heck, we import guest workers to pick fruits and vegetables in Florida for well more than minimum wage because people here won’t do those jobs.


I heard a radio report this morning stating that the Administration wants to privatize roads, lots of roads. Two of the roads mentioned this morning are among the most jammed in the D.C. area, and both are parkways. That status won’t last long if sold. The current two lanes each way will be turned into four each way and a big toll added. I-66 in VA is a toll road inside the beltway now, and during a recent snowstorm, the toll was $10 to go 5 miles or so. The toll floats based on traffic congestion.


That’s my understanding too, sell the right to drive on the roads (or the roads themselves) to private companies, who’ll set up some form of per/mile payment system. Those drivers that don’t want or can’t afford to pay the toll will have to find an alternate route.


Privatizing the roads will cost you more. Studies have found privatizing government services costs more, Cut the lobby dollars and look at the statistics, but the peeps watch the fake news commercials and end up voting against their best interest, Democracy at it’s best I guess.


Something tells me you’re leaving out some important details. That something is eight years spent studying public administration.

Privatization often saves taxpayers money, especially when private contractors enjoy economy of scale by serving more than one jurisdiction. This is often the case with electric power plants and garbage collection, but it can apply to road maintenance and construction as well.