Why this my last visit


I started looking at this site because we do not get the Car Talk column in our newspaper. What I found were too many stories that appeared to be made up. Two examples ( Honey in the fuel tank and the Nurembergring racing car ). Also why do you regulars continue to answer Robert Gift who has to be laughing his self silly.


We don’t judge, we take people at their word, even you. If someone gets a laugh at my expense, my skin is thick enough to take it.


You might want to spend a little more time looking at the posts and the answers before you leave. Yes there may be a few wild ones but most are fairly serious and informative. What can anyone say about Robert. Delivers blood in the snow at 100 mph and has a lot of time on his hands. Now about that Volvo, might want to read some of the Volvo posts before ya go.


Most are legit, those that aren’t are typically amusing.


Because everything on the internet is the truth. XD


Well, at least the OP has to admit that the quality/veracity of the questions on this site are worth the price of admission, which–IIRC–is free.


Beats the heck out of watching tv only. Watch and post, multitasking is more fun. Throw in a game of backgammon the night flies by. Robert Gift is here, and I do not mind, there are certainly worse places to visit, though I really miss the mythbusters forum, trashed by whackos it is no more. There were occasional posts there that because of their lack of control doomed the site, unsafe for windows posts seemed to e a goal of script kiddies. I can only say I appreciate the friendship and altruism and general goodwill to all on this site.


Quitting this forum is easy, I’ve done it dozens of times!
(Apologies to Samuel Clemens.)


Or Groucho Marx, if they would accept me as a member I prefer not to join.


You could ask for your money back I suppose.


Taking the assumption I talk for many you are welcome to post what ever you feel, but please understand we are people and I do not understand your antagonism.


Granted there may be a few faux stories posted now and then but it seems that a much larger number of people gain some automotive insight, help, and possibly a fatter bank account due to the advice given.

As to the honey in the gas tank story, I can only say that as a mechanic I’ve seen much weirder things than that and as to Mr. Gift, I take him at his word.

The Wal Mart customer service counter is conveniently located in the front center of the store where a refund or gift card in lieu of cash can be had very quickly… :slight_smile:


You probably won’t read this if you were serious about going, but why did you bother to tell everyone “why” you were leaving? Was it out of spite, or because you thought you’d do everyone a service and help them “shape up” to prevent this from happening to others? If you must go, just go. Sorry you’re disappointed. Life is like that.

Actually I suspect you will read these, as no one makes a comment like that without stopping back to see what reaction it generated.


ok, see ya


Your last visit ? Why announce it ? When something seems like a waste of time just don’t go there, or do what you are doing and call it out for discussion. Otherwise, have a nice day.


" I started looking at this site because we do not get the Car Talk column in our newspaper. What I found were too many stories that appeared to be made up. "

I think this is another made up story, but that’s how it goes. I read the rules and see nothing about made up stories being prohibited.

Many of my favorite car people never post anything here, anymore. Most people find the site to be so crowded that they don’t come here.

Come to think of it, this whole reply is nothing more than a made up story.

I’ll bite. What is the model year of that Volvo V70 ? What is your question ?



I wonder whatever happened to Craig58 and his old Mercedes he had


@bscar2 I wondered that myself. I do recall his last posts were somewhat pessimistic. He had an innate dislike of anything plastic. Loved that old Mercedes.


Answering Robert Gift isn’t too bad of a deal. He asks some intresting questions. I give him good marks for some of the roaringly great answers that he can generate.

If you live in his area of the country and you need a transfusion badly, he might get the blood to you before it’s too late.

Don’t complain about the straw that stirs the drink or the bartender will use his fingers.


This is my first experience with .this advice method.
I received accurate advice, and my headache is gone.
bing gave me the heads up,left hand threads. Retaining the tensioner pulley on a Toyota?
Tank you ,car talk