Why I am leaving after twenty years



I love Car Talk, and still listen every weekend. Also own an auto repair shop, and have been a fixit guy,whatever is broken, my whole life.
I can appreciate your frustration. But If you don’t live it, you can’t give it.

But work changes when it’s your shop, and your $250 k you’re betting will fix it.

With a BSCE, my education emphasized cost efficiency. Don’t over or under design and build. And that is what I have done in this shop for 40 years. We have never charged a shop fee, and never will. And there are shops in your area that don’t charge that fee,either.

And if it’s your problem, fix it yourself, and don’t ask Cadquilla to do it for ya.

So, if you don’t live it, you can’t give it.

Hope you’re feeling better one day.


I think it’s a bit rude to call Irlandes a “chump”. How about apologize…


Well , that is strange . The show has been reruns for years and there are very few stations that even broadcast the reruns. I also wonder why you felt it was necessary to call the guy a ‘Chump’ .


I’m also lost as to what could possibly be meant by “don’t live it can’t give it.”


Hi mulabhanda - I edited part of your post to remove the name-calling.

Do you mean to say that irlandes as a DIY guy doesn’t relate to the pressures and considerations of owning a shop?


Orlando, Fl station plays it Sat and Sun still


Might be ugly to call him that, yes, but he shouldn’t be talking about stuff he hasn’t experienced.

If you don’t live it,

You can’t give it.


Yes, I saw you used the expression twice in your post. I don’t think that he was intending to resurrect the question of DIY vs. shop owner in this thread, though, and he’s not here now to respond to your comment.


Ma’am, he was critical of shops in general…sorry if y’all lost him


I think you should read the post again. He didn’t criticize shops. He said it’s generally pointless to bring an intermittent problem to a shop. That’s not wrong, because if the shop can’t replicate it, they won’t fix it.

That doesn’t mean the shop is doing something wrong - it just means the car can’t be guaranteed to display the problem to the shop, and if it doesn’t display the problem to the shop then you’ve wasted a trip and a diagnostic fee.


Mr. mulabhanda You are out of line. Do Yourself a favour and disappear from here.


Aint there a rule here about being obnoxious, rude and intolerant?


There is, which is why I edited the post.


Huh, we fixed an intermittent misfire last week, with codes to go on. I fixed one today with exploratory part removal. We fix em everyday. Not all of them, but most of them. Just like Click and Clack, we are experienced and try harder. Generally pointless he wrote, well, not at our shop!


That’s why I love Click and Clack, they laugh out loud at people, with no harm done.


Didn’t know rude was telling the truth, cya


You can be tactful telling the truth or you can be rude. Being tactful can allow anyone to tell the truth without offending people.


I’m glad I retired before becoming such a great mechanic that I felt free to insult anyone whose opinion crossed mine.


See, you’re only ASE certified. That last letter changes when you get more skilled, apparently. :wink:


Yes, I inadvertantly made that mistake when replying to asemaster one time. I was embarrassed but he took it in good humor.


I listen to it when I can almost every weekend too. I’ve been listening to them for at least a couple decades, but not consistently. So I’ve probably only listened to less then 25% of all the shows. Most of the shows I hear now on re-runs I never heard before. Show is still entertaining and sometimes informative.

Hell I still watch reruns of the Rifleman.


I think calling someone a chump will always get negative attention. I once called the brothers chumps, thinking about the Stump the Chump feature, and not actually considering them poorly. I got flagged on that one and haven’t repeated that sin again.