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Where can I get free or cheap vehicle report like carfax or autocheck

OK, I found the best solution for my question

Please advice where to buy cheap genuine vehicle reports like carfax or autocheck, I found many other reports, but I don’t trust them, so I will be happy for any advice.

Thanks in advance.

Reminds Me of The Old Adage, " How Much Is Free Advice Worth ? "

What are you trying to do ?

I found that the last time I bought a car from a dealer (GM certified) that all the dealers where I shopped gave me hard copies of Car Fax, free of charge, as part of the tire kicking.

Two owners on one young car did disqualify it for me. For me it’s usually not so much what’s in the report as it is that I imagine has been left out of it. I take it with a large grain of salt.


IMHO these reports are misleading at best, downright incorrect at worst.
But ifg you want one check their websites.

I bought a used car about two months ago. The dealer web site had CarFax as part of the description on line. It had enough information to calm my concern about low mileage. While these reports may not have all the information on the vehicle, I believe what they show is correct.

Your best bet is spending the money to have an inspection by a qualified mechanic. Things like amount of brake life left condition of fluids, boots, mounts etc. will never be available on an internet report.

Nothing is free. From the dealer is free but you end up paying with your wasted time.

Placing your faith in a CF or Autocheck report would be a big mistake because as mountainbike mentioned they’re misleading and often inaccurate.
Job One for them is to promote a warm, fuzzy feeling that the car you’re considering buying is a good one. It’s a sales tool more than anything else; all designed to drum up subscriptions and report purchases.

There are many of these links around.

The better half works for the state office that, amongst other things, deals with vehicle titles, licenses, etc. She considers CarFax (and others) reports worthless. She says people come in with them, and she sees incorrect information on them all the time.

@DrRocket while CarFax isn’t perfect they do have some small value.

A few months back I was looking to buy a used car. I bought a one month CarFax subscription. I ran my own carfax on every single car I was considering looking at. I learned a lot of interesting information. If anything at all showed up (salvage title, failed smog, reported accident, etc.) I wouldn’t even bother looking at the car. Carfax saved me plenty of trips.

But you’re right about one thing. Carfax can’t list an accident that was never reported.

Yeah, mine was free from the dealer too. You just can’t rely on it totally but you do get ownership information and any title changes. You can see if it went from Florida to New York to New Jersey at auction or not and that says something.

I did a google search for “free used car reports” that brought up the usual sites and some new one’s to me. Most likely there are come on’s about being free, but worth a look.

A Subaru that I used to own, and wrecked, was repaired by me and issued a Salvage Title. After being on a Salvage Title for about 7 years Carfax still showed it to have a clean title.

A SAAB 900 I used to own was listed by CF as “Currently stolen”. That was news to the prior owner and the state department of motor vehicles. No idea where CF came up with that one.

Using a CF or AC report as the sole basis on a car purchase can lead to a big mistake; and it happens quite often.

In the City Data automotive forum, there is an entire 4-page thread on the topic of cars with “clean” Carfax reports that later turn out to have been in major accidents previously. As others have stated, one of these reports might be one factor in the decision about whether or not to buy a used car, but anyone who relies solely on these reports is…very foolish and naive, IMHO.

Read through the 4 pages at this link, and see how much value you think there is to a Carfax report:

So the bottom line is . . .

Don’t rely on Carfax alone
If Carfax shows anything unusual, don’t even bother looking at it
Have any potential candidates evaluated by an independent mechanic
Check if a car was previously titled/registered in Sandy/Katrina hit areas